Wasting time at nowhere very special
Seems almost a part of it these days
I know every crack along the pavement
I remember what you said in '88

You said: 'It's time to leave this town
The world keeps turning 'round
The only thing that keeps me here is you'
I'm drinking in the same bar where I met you
Without you it wouldn't be the same
We talk for hours and hours 'bout different places
You said that you would see them all some day

You were always so good with words
The tales you told we've heard
The thing you said to me that day
Will never fade in memory
Time is unforgiving
You know that I won't make it without you

No matter just what window you look out of
The view just never ever seems to change
And I swear that we ain't getting any younger
But we'll chase all of our dreams all the same
Just another lonely winter's day...

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