Do you think you know me
What i feel about you
When I come in to your room
And you watch me
I can use you, I can hurt you
You think you're my girlfriend
I'm sorry, but you're wrong
In the night prepared for attack
In my thoughts, no turning back
You will die according to plan
Screaming in pain

Now I just wait your life in my hands
No one can help you, please don't cry
Time is right, here I stand
I swear you will die

It isn't personal
This is my destination
Stay where you bound
Blood and emotion

You still think we are all right
Much more i'll be your man
But you are wrong, you're in my sight
Contracts to realize

Into the eyes of the night watch me go
Like a wolf in sheep's clothing
Onward you come, you'll never know
Why can't you live on

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