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Where Flowers Fade

Lightning Seeds

"I'm pushed and pulled and shunted,
Man-handled and man0hunted,
By those faceless names,
You've got nine lives,
I've got eight,
I just can't wait,
To lock the door,
And throw the keys away.
I'll call as soon as it's over,
Let's wait until the world is sober.
The World is wide,
Manhatton chase,
Misguided missles spin in space,
I fell like a sundial in the shade,
Where the flowers fade.
I feel like the poor relation,
Passing through and empty station,
On this empty track,
I'm half poverty,
Half oysters,
No morals,
Ternished laurels,
Going nowhere fast.
You don't get smoke without a fire,
Next time I'll vote for Billy Liar.
I hate liars, I hate cheats,
Waving flags, and saving nations,
Good bye love, Goodbye Peace,
I hate ware,
It ruins converstation."

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