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Forever Banging Screw

Lil Flip

Ay, u know me i ride wit my trunk raise up
Boy I'm riding dubs u better put them blades up
Banging screw four fifteens kick hard
Around da block one time come back and switch cars
Sip barre cause it's a family tradition
i'm the freestyle king it ain't no competition
I'm a screw head
i ride black, blue, red,
niggas call me lil flip nigga i can do that

I thought you knewwwwww
that we forever banging screwww
I thought u knew that(2x)

I done bought tha cat bought tha house
Got about thirty karats inside my mouth
I represent the dirty dirty the dirty south
I even put it down with Swishahouse
I got more syrup than waffle house
nine nine graduater i walked across
I run through all hoes like Marshall Faulk
I fuck with Big Pokey and Big Hawk
Underground mix tapes got us fame
Fucking with real niggas got us game
Screw up click bout to go worldwide
and once ya cross 610 welcome to the southside


Thanks to my nigga screw i got my shine on
Now my nigga gone so i got to rhyme strong
ima go platinum cause i'm a lyrical threat
think about you every time i hear a casette
chop up but them niggas cant chop like u
them niggas cant even make the music stop like u
so ima keep u alive every time i rap
on da real DJ Screw put us all on the map
So every time i bust a flow ima show my ass
he taught me two things keep it real anf fold my cash
bitch im rich still dropping undergroung shit
fuck the radio i drop underground hits (im a screwhead)


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