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Callin' Me

Lil' Zane

I live the life of a celebrity
A made nigga way bigga than them other cats you love to see

Lil Zane(112)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Can I talk to you for a minute
It's like I been doin a lot of interviews
Just people be callin' my name everywhere.."Hey Zane!"
(haha) See what I mean
Come on

[Lil Zane]
I live the life of a celebrity
I made nigga way bigga than them other cats you love to see
I'm getting paid like I'm 'posed to
My homies call me on my mobile wanna hang we still close too
I switched positions with them po' cats
I write raps, make millions like that
I like that (Hey, yeah) and I never was a rich man
A rubber band for a wrist band
Got dough and had to switch plans
Drama still don't stop
The freeway gettin' chased by some bad bitches wantin'autographed pictures(ooh)
They want my name tatooed on 'em
Thinkin for a minute hit that ass, make a move on 'em
Hey! Hennessey with the Chadonnay, mix it
I put the trees in that garsay, twist it(whoa, yeah)
A true playa smokin purple hair
Two shots in the air for my true thugs out there
(This life I live of mine)

This life I live of mine(yeah)
This life is crazy(so crazy)
I waste no time at all(ahuh)
They won't stop callin' me(callin me)
This life I live of mine(yeah)
This life is crazy(yeah,ahuh)
I waste no time at all
They won't stop callin' me(ugh)
Callin' me, callin' me, callin' me,(Hey Lil' Zane) say my name
Callin' me, callin' me, callin' me,(Hey Lil' Zane) say my name

[Lil Zane]
Let me explain what the game like
I did a show in California had to be in Las Vegas the samenight
Me and 112 on the same flight niggaz tired
It aint easy bein' worldwide(worldwide, worldwide, worldwide)
I seen murder come with fame in this rap game
Gotta stay strapped if you rap so I pack thangs
All my niggaz pack thangs
And plus we love to ball
Don't want no problem with you homie I mean none at all(not atall)
And to my rich cats with them big faced bills in the air
My po' cats sell more sex to you there
Love being millionaires
Been all around the world
Turned the squares into true players
Cheap watches turn to cartiers
Loafers turn to gators
Point 3's turn to 5 C's all these car keys
Jump in the Benz hit the shot bar(This life I live)
You know they love to see a hot star


And for my dogs I ain't seen in a while
I still got love for y'all
Ain't got a chance to return your call
I'm in Chicago
I'm getting paid man bigga figa's everywhere that I go
I'm still hearin' about drama poppin' in the hood
Heard that ya nigga's doing good and I like that
Eric said niggaz got the block locked
He tell me K and Big Chris ridin' drop tops
Flossin' I'm gettin' letters from my fans hard to write back
Put a fly picture in the mail, hope they like that
Prayin' that the fame don't kill us all
The magazines to the big screens
It ain't easy as the shit seems
Throwin' up my deuces as I pass by
Showin' love to the Southside all the playas outside
And we gon' spend G's tonight
Hotel's on me the shit free tonight

Chorus 3x

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