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Better Days

Little Dix

Don´t hide your thoughts and scares. tell me your life, i wanna
Know about yourself. your life story´s very sad, but you can´t
Just give up. is time to say goodbye for this sad days, these
Tears falling from your face. so now we go away to a place that
You´ll never be sad again, tomorrow better days! please don´t
Cry ´cause together we´ll go on! try to wake, now is time to
Satnd up! put your head up, a new life we´ll start! forget your
Past, this is not the end! "sometimes i wonder if this life is
Fair. i look at my past and i think about. happy memories come
Through my head. but what´s the point in thinking in bad things?
Why can´t we be happy every day? why can´t we smile to everyone?
Sadness is a waste of time. the answer of all my questions will
Always be the same...!"

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Composição: Ceverino / Deko / Fefex / Tili / Yuji. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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