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Little T

Nah nah, she don't live here man
I thought I told you
Yo, I think you need to step of aight!

moved into my apartment
At the university
The only who lives here is me
So why should the phone ring all day long
I've got no friends except Mike
And he's gone for the summer
And I just want some peace and quiet
Come to my room and it's a telephone riot
Every time I take a step
Can't sleep, can't eat, can't breathe, can't get
Any of my work done
Cause people keep callin' with the same damn question

(Hello, is Shanqiua there?)
Nah, Shaniqua moved out last year
I think you have the wrong number
This is Little T
(You mean Shaniqua's brother?)
Man, can't you just leave me alone?
This ain't Shaniqua's house, this ain't her phone
And don't call back again
cuz if you do, you know the answer, man

Shaniqua don't live here no mo
Shaniqua don't live here no mo
Shaniqua don't live here no mo
(Is Shaniqua there)
Hell no
Shaniqua don't live here no mo
Shaniqua don't live here no mo
Shaniqua don't live here no mo
(Is Shaniqua there)
Hell no

I wonder who Shaniqua is
What she does and where she lives
Is she a pothead with too many zits?
a movie star with inflatable tits?
Does she take the train
Or drive in the car?
Work at the office
Or down at the bar?
How the hell should I know?
She could be albino for all I care

(Hello, is Shaniqua there?)
Yes she is, but she can't talk right now
She's busy milkin' a purple cow
And talkin to the Easter Bunny
(Man, you think you're funny)
Shut up, Beavis
I've told you six times befo'
Shaniqua don't live here no mo


I checked my machine on Friday
There were twenty-two messages
Man, I can't win at this
One said:
(This is for the kid livin' with Shanqiua)
(You want that trick, you can keep her)
Will this ever cease?
So I can get some sleep
Shanqiua moved out
Leave your message at the beep

One Track Mike:
(Yo, Shaniqua)
(I love you)
(Call me)

Chorus + 1/2

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