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Ll Cool J

Ah ah
Baby girl was draped in Chanel
Said she loved Tupac
But hates some LL
Seen her at the bar with anklets and toe rings
She can take a prince, turn him into a king
I was looking at her in the limelight
Pearly whites
Said a man get paper but he don't live right
All these emotions flowing inside the club
Do you really wanna thug
Or do ya want love
She gets the paper when it's time to get on
She keeps these clowns thinking like ?
Honey smoke make you click, feel it in their throats
No joke all this love, let it stay broke out
Behind every playa is a true playette
Bounce you up, outta there, push and check
Takes the choice have you nice and moist
Or play paper games or floss the rolls royce

Something like a phenomenon x8 (uh huh) (go ahead daddy)

He was king of seduction
Cop a suction
Now she was the cat that worked construction
Starve her with the paper, abuse the mind
Dis a new lover
When you know it's on mine, thats on top
Lap dancing got to stop
You play out your chick
Cos your game is hot
I give you two Italian ice, my whole crew
He's banging on my chest till it's black and blue
You beefing, yellin' on the cell of my 6 ?
You reach it then you hear the cordless click
Now your club hopping
Keep the crystal popping, use my chips,
And take the next man shopping
Hell no, must be out Chicago on your knees and elbows each andeverytime
Thats why I love you mummy you
Run your mouth though your legs over the bed baby, work me out

Something about a phenomenon x8 (uh huh) (go ahead daddy)

He was all sooped up, and played it just right
Mummy I was full blown
My game was air tight
I needed to switch up and get it in gear
Its a whole new movie, a world premiere, yeah yeah
No more ? no more maybeline?
Brand new he and me and you can bring it in
I'm sick and tired of freakin' night and ?
Moaning in the mirror
With my cubans on
Let bygones be bygones, no more games
Hope all the chicken heads go up in flames
Now we need brand new mansion, with lake at back
Got it all figured out mummy I like that
Collect tips cop his and her whips ?
But close the safe
But you're worth it playgirl, i'ts real in the feel
Say what you want, but keep you're lips sealed

Something like a phenomenon x8 (c'mon) (go ahead daddy)

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Composição: Bill Withers / James Todd Smith / Sean Puffy Combs / Stan McKenney. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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