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Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend


I stopped sending flowers to your apartment
You said you aren't home much anymore
I stopped dropping by without an appointment
'Cause I'd hear laughter coming through your door

Sometimes late at night you'll still call me
Just before you close your eyes to sleep
You make me vow to try and stop by sometime
Baby, that's a promise I can't keep

I love you too much to ever start liking you
So lets just let the story kinds end
I love you too much to ever start liking you
So don't expect me to be your friend

I don't walk down through the village or other places
That we used to go to all the time
I'm trying to erase you from my memory
'Cause thinking of you jumbles up my mind

You always act so happy when I see you
You smile that way you take my hand and then
Introduce me to your latest lover
That's when I feel the walls start crashing in

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