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What About Now


The sign in the window said for sale or trade
On the last remaining dinosaur Detroit made
Seven hundred dollars was a heck of a deal
For a four hundred horsepower jukebox on wheels

And that road rolls out like a welcome mat
I don't know where it goes but it beats where we're at
We always said someday,somehow
We were gonna get away,gonna blow this town

What about now,how 'bout tonight
Baby for once let's don't think twice
Let's take that spin that never ends
That we've been talking about
What about now,why should we wait
We can chase these dreams down the interstate
And be long gone 'fore the world moves on and makes anotherround
What about now

We've been puttin' this off baby long enough
Just give me the word,and we'll be kickin' up dust
We both know it's just a matter of time
'Til our hearts start racin' for that county line


We could hang around this town forever making plans
But there won't ever be a better time to take this chance


Yeah! Oh!
What about noooooow

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