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Does Your Daddy Know About Me?


You say your daddy is a real cool dude
And you keep no secrets from him
Well, he knows you're a wild hare
Knows you're kinda "out there"
Knows about your crazy friends
And he's done found out 'bout the night
You snuck out with the cadillac keys
But darlin', does your daddy know about me?

Well, he knows you've been skipping
He's heard how fast you drive
Knows you've got an attitude
Seen your little tattoo
But he lets all that slide
And I bet my boots
That he thinks he knows
You from A to Z
But darlin, does your daddy know about me?

Do you think he's got a clue
About the things we've been doing
Underneath the moon and the stars
And how the ground starts shaking
From the pounding of our hearts?
Like a good daddy should,
He's warned you about the wolves
And told you about the birds and bees
But darlin', does your daddy know about me?

*Repeat chorus*

Yeah, darlin', does your daddy know about me?

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Composição: John Rich / Larry Boone / Paul Nelson. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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