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Tequila Talking


I called about that conversation
That I had with you last night
It must've been a combination
Of shooters and neon lights
And I didn't really mean to say
I've been losing it since you left
Yeah, I may have said the words,
But they came from somewhere else

It was just the tequila talking
When I told you I'm still not over you
I get a little sentimental
When I've had one or two
And that tear in my eye
Was the salt and the lime
Not the memory of you walking
If I said I'm still in love with you,
It was just the tequila talking

I don't know what they put in Cuervo
That got me to say those things
Usually I wouldn't care so much,
Make such a scene
But seeing you there
In that dress you were wearing
Just drove me right out of my head
So don't hold me responsible
For anything I might've said

*Repeat chorus*

If I said I'm still in love with you,
It was just the tequila talking

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