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Must Be Love


Sideways, cockamamie
The idea is just a little too brainy
that a fine girl like you would
Bumpety-bump with a midnight fool
I took a fall in a neon minute
you were right there and i fell right in it

uh-oh, it just hit me
the rattlesnake of love done bit me
im goin down, getting dizzy
can't get enough of your kissy, kissy
no cure, i don't want one
oh baby, this must be love

lunchtime and i eat a sandwich
i think of you and the world starts to vanish
call you up on cell phone
smack in the middle of a blasting zone
you get me so excited
can't wait for my fuse to be lighted


you got me lost in a wonderland
love songs played by a marching band
lips like roses, skin like cream
please don't wake me up from this dream


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