I'm feelin' stressed there's a stone in my chest./
I'm miles away from performing my best./
I gotta open up, let go of that weight,/
fast before my past is catchin' up the pace./
I didn't wanna leave, I just had to./
Never knew how you felt about it, forgot to ask you./
I'm glad for the time we had, those years were the finest,/
but I can't live in a world full of blindness./
What I'm looking for can't be found here./
The place I wanna go to ain´t around here./
So I'm leaving, ain´t no packing needed./
If there's a better place to live I gotta see it./
Maybe I am looking for love,/
or maybe I'm just sick of this world./
Don't matter, if I said I cared I would lie./
This ain´t the time for bad theories about why./
So don't try to figure it out,/
you can't cus if I could I wouldn't be where I'm now./
Just live your life and take it easy my friend./
The future is ahead to come and we'll meet again…

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