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And Heaven Eternally Burns (realm Of a Thousand Burning Souls Part Ii)

Lord Belial

...And god wept
As the blood of his angels washed away the last remains
Of the goodness in his beautiful kingdom
That now stood in raging flames and all evil demons
Was spreading their wickedness and plague
As fast as rolling storms to haunt for all eternity

...And god wept
As we baptised his last angel in his own blood
His wings withered- his white cloak became red
He cried in sorrow, vain and despair
We liked to hear him scream

...And god wept
As his blood silently left his body
To fill our cups with tasteful wine
That we drank to celebrate our glorious victory
As he died a painful death
Whitering wings and a burning heaven

- god is dead we prevailed

On this dark and beautiful midwinternight
The cold breeze of the winterwind blew in the hair of the dying angel
And the voice of death silently whispered
So silent yet how majestic it was
It whispered as the weak angel cried over the death of his god
How sweet it was to behold
His wings could no longer bear him
Nor his pure heart of innocence could beat no more
His visions of a holy world was forever crushed
This angel was to be no more
Now he4s dead!

Now I have destroyed the ones that I despise and hate
My journey has now come to an end
In the horizon beyond the crushed gates of heaven
You can behold thousands of burning angels
Impaled on their crosses of innocence and beauty
And demons they shall become

God is dead
I4m the ruler of the universe
All beauty in man is gone
And heaven eternally burns

Earth to us Ashes of Angels And dust of Heaven

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