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Kiss Eternal

Lords Of Acid

Your secret is safe with me, understand what I feel
The hunger, the deep need
The thirst, when you bleed
I know tonight is the night to explore your darker side
When you want me to be your sire
I'll give you what you desire

Willows weep into the night, I sacrificed the daily light
The passion-immortality
The force-irresistibly
The kiss that brings eternal life, tonight the lonely strife
Your world will never be the same
Without my poison in your veins

You gotta kiss me now
I wanna feed you now
You gotta kiss me now
I wanna feed you now

I welcome death without tears
Embrace darkness without fears
My fangs, deep into your skin
My eyes, the evil grin
A symphony of pain by night
A newborn child is taking flight
You just don't know how sweet it is
To die from a vampire's kiss


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