You move it to the left
and you go for yourself.
You move it to the right
if it takes all night.
Now take it kinda slow
with a whole lotta soul.
Don´t move it too fast.
Just make it last.

You scratch just like a monkey.
Yeah ya do real cool.
You slide it to the limbo.
How low can you go?

Now come on, baby,
don´t fall down on me now.

Just move it right here
to the Harlem Shuffle.
Do the Harlem Shuffle.

Hitch, hichhike, baby, across the floor.
I can´t stand it no more.
Now come on baby
and follow me now.
Just ride, ride, ride, lil´ pony ride.

Do the Harlem Shuffle...

Do the Monkey Shine.
Shake a tail feather, baby.

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