Hello baby are you ready for the rock and roll?
Are you ready for dancing baby?
Come on
Everybody stand up and clap your hands for me
So come on come on
One, two, one two three four

Rock and roll can you feel the power
Rock and roll can you feel the force
Can you feel the force
So can you feel the force


Dance you can dance that much
Come on everybody's gonna dance tonight
Everybody let's move that move
Come on let's dance that rock and roll
Feel the power
Can you feel the power don't stop the move
Come on let's do it
Ladies on your knees

Repeat (x2)

Come on everybody tonight
Come on we'll get there tonight
Let's rock and roll come on
Get tonight let's move and groove
Get tonight let's dance to the beat
And move your feet
Everybody now

Hey baby do you feel good
So come on I wanna take you down
So clap your hands come on
Hey come on everybody
Rock and roll

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