Man on the silver mountain Oh you left us
We’re screaming out your name so you can hear us
Your voice cuts through the air It’s like gold dust
By a rainbow in the dark we’re fascinated
The voice and shout that never faded
Bow to the King of Rock and Roll so sacred
Your spirit never dies Alive in all of us
Forever we rock to the voice of metal
Still can hear your voice The joy you left behind
We keep your flame high You’re the voice of metal
The voice of metal
“Stand up and shout” The Master of the moon said
In the end, your legacies are never dead
Sing me a song You’re a singer of eternity
So long, the king of metal infinity
Forever your sprit never dies…
Are you evil or divine?
Do you leave us last in line?
You will keep our spirit high
‘Cause your vision never dies
We hail to the king, the king of rock and roll
Carried down the generation
I hear God in your voice Power to rejoice
Eternal voice of metal
The voice of metal…

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