Mezameta shunkan HAITENSYON ohara ga GU~ GOHAN wa mata?
huton KEttobashite mado aketara nan de mo ii sakebutaku naru

(From) the instant I woke up there was high tension. The stomachgoes "GUUUUU" Is the meal ready yet?
I kick myself off the bed and when I opened the window, I want toyell out that everything's great.

SUKI na mono SUKI tte ieru notte taisetu ne
yacchaoo omoikitte

What I love is called "love." To be able to say that isimportant.
Let's do it. Take the plunge and do it!

[1] Heat Up Girl! maemuki KYARA sakuretsu-tyuu
syakunetsu Dream! zinsee wa tsugo yoku
Heat Up Girl! HAATO atsuku hageshiku moyasoo
Heat Up Up, Heat Up Up Girl!

Heat up girl! An optimistic character. In the midst of anexplosion,
a red hot dream! Life is (full of) great situations.
Heat up girl! The heart is hot and furious and seems to burn.
Heat up up, heat up up girl!

onsen hito huro tenka TAIHENN kami to kashite hikkukutte
issyokenmee kyoo mo asoboo surimuitara TSUBA tsukrya ii

A bath alone in the hot springs, is the worst thing in the world.Cut your hair and tie it up,
let's do our best to play today! If you scratch yourself, it'sokay to just use spit.

tamatta ENERUGII GAMAN wa karada ni warui
hassan shinakya DAME

It's unhealthy to keep holding back built-up energy within yourbody.
It's bad to not let it out.

[2] Heat Up Girl! yasei no honnoo bakuhatsu-tyuu
syakunetsu Dream! zinsee wa ichidokiri
Heat Up Girl! HAATO tsuyoku tanoshiku ikiyoo
Heat Up Up, Heat Up Up Girl!

Heat up girl! The wild instincts. In the midst of an eruption,
a red hot dream! There's only one life.
Heat up girl! Let's life our hearts with strength and pleasure.
Heat up up, heat up up girl!

hontoo wa MECHAKUCHA sabishigari ya Heat Up Girl!
kiai IPPATSU hairanakucha Heat Up Girl!
kosi ni katate attete gyuuyuu o IKKInomi

The truth is that it's unreasonable to be in a room feelinglonely. Heat up girl!
With a shot of your fighting spirit, you won't go in. Heat upgirl!
Put one hand on your hips and drink the milk in one gulp.
Do your best!

Repeat [1]

Repeat [2]

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