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Streetlight Scenario

Love You Long Time

He leans in and shes like whoa
She kisses him and hes like oh!
Streetlight above, empty street below
Its way to late, its time to go
So what do you want to do?
He wants to know
She says I dont know, but lets take it slow.
She thinks its not too low of a blow.
He thinks its time to go.
This is a true/false question: Should I stay or should I go?
Please say yes, or please say no.
This is a Streetlight Scenario, not another Streetlight
Under my feet night after night
This concrete takes its toll
Now all I see are flashing lights
or are those sparks flying? I dont know
Its hard to find time for life in this metropolis
Have these streets become my home
or baby tell me, what did I miss?
This is the break down, so lets make up
or did we break up? I cant remember
So brothers and sisters put your hands together
Stomp your feet or do something!

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