You gave me your wod
Now that your word
Doesn't mean that much to me
And in the silence I can hear
The truth ring loud and clear
I never meant that much to you

and it seems, that a whisper to a scream
was all that we knew

before the talk is through
I'm telling you

No more words tonight
No more words
I don't ever want to hear you say you love me one more time.
No more words tonight
No more words
I'll forever keep the silence
and you can keep your lies

You tried to throw me one last line
to throw me one last time
But now I guess I'm wise to you
And vows spoken in the night
are broken in the light
would you recite all those words before
so say 'em no more...

CHORUS - No more words tonight...

Now that our love is over
I see your lips move but they don't make a sound
You've lost what I have found
There's a voice inside of me that sets me free

No more words tonight
2 X Chorus and fade out

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