Are you lost, my runaway?
All is spent, squandered away
You've had your taste; you've had your fill
It's not enough; you're wanting still
He said, My son, if you come home
I'll wrap you in My finest robes
And we will dance until the dawn
No greater love; you are My son

My God, my God
What mercy You have shown to me
My God, my God
Forever I will sing to Thee

Do you feel broke beyond repair?
The crushing weight is too much to bear
And with no hope for innocence
Who will stand in your defense?

But One has come, to claim His own
To fight for you, oh, weary soul
The world you fear, a threat no more
For Earth will hear the victor's roar

This song will rise, from shore to shore
We are free; we're bound no more
And we will dance, and all will know
For it's the coming of my Lord

This song will rise, from shore to shore
We are free, where bound no more

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Composição: Josh Silverberg / Luminate / Samuel Hancock. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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