I am a sunshine person
But it's been lonely
I wish the clouds would go so
The sun can explore the light
I've got a thousand tears or more
Maybe a million
But of one thing I'm very sure
I'm gonna be alright
So if the sun will come and shine on my love
I'd be the happiest man in the world oooh yeah

I never knew that the sunrise
Could make me smile
And in a moment the laughter will follow the tears
I never dreamed that the sunshine
Could send me things from up above
I need the warmth of the sunlight
To follow my love

I am a sunshine person
You are my lady
You're everything I live for
Sunshine and love (oh yeah)
If I have peace of mind
I'm thinking of you
When I'm thinking of sunshine and love
That's all I need to do
So when the sun comes down to
Shine on my love
I'm in a world that keeps me satisfied (ooh yeah)

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