Praised Hymn To The Horned God

Lux Divina

Nature worship amidst us
A hymn of praise to horned god
Pagan symbols on the shore of infinity
Horned god…
Magical beliefs in unity
Eternity and the endless cycle of birth
Death and rebirth

Pagan beliefs
Transformed our wild soul
The revelations of the ancient Earth
A hymn of praise to horned god lives today

Like Silvanus dances under the rite to Noctiluca
Like green Gods on the holy shroud of humus
In the fog in the forest's orgy

So beautiful…
The poetical mystery of seasons
So painful and cold…
My journey through the mountains of ashes
Where the ancient tombs

Under Eos' shining on the green fields
When Silvanus sings for the veiled-faced maids

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