Are you numb to me?
Have you grown to be?
Tolerance has built
Is my touch too weak?
Are you through with me?
Nothing new with me?
Tired of doing me?
Not enough a freak?
Are you telling me?
Without telling me?
That soon you will be
Dispelling me
Are you trying to see?
Let me down easy
No more bruising me
F**king using me
Are you draining me?
Are you staining me?
Using up my soul
And detaining me
Are you trying me?
Thought of buying me?
Well I'm not that cheap
And I'm never free
Are you shaping me?
Painting, taping me?
Mold me into your
Invest, wait and see
Are you sucking me?
Mental f**king me?
Set me up to fall
And then chucking me

(Knock you down)
What I am you cannot hope to be
(Knock you down)
Never thought you'd fall so easily
(Knock you down)
What you are will never frighten me
(Knock you down)
Get back up and that is where I'll be

Seen it before, should have seen it, seen it coming
Been it before, should have seen it, over-run it
Had it before, seen it slip away again
And now it stings like the needle on my skin
Seen it before, should have felt it, felt it slipping
Been it before, should have seen it, through the tripping
Had it before, but again I didn't duck
To late to cry, now I don't give a f**k


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