I have seen behind the veils,
beneath the streets, pried back the nails.
Now these eyes see differently.
See things for what they don't want to be.

I have heard translated lies,
from their intent through their disguise,
I know now so far from bliss,
by innocence left without a kiss

Night life, of open pyres the
sinful secrets passed through wires.
Wet sticky bills for souls for hire,
how simple is surrender to desire.


I have touched the skin of risk,
been forewarned did not resist.
Now this carcass feels so old,
but wrong or not, I chose to lose control.

I have tasted wet of sex, swallowed whole what night reflects.
Now this tongue, knows secrets,
I must say were well worth the excess.

Tonight lies before this skull,
so gladly I feel passion's pull,
So the answer question's why,
respect deciphers pathways to desire.

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