When you think about it
Does it make you wonder
Do you find that everytime
You look around that things just get no better
You know it`s all gone too far
Sometimes it`s just to hard
Don`t let it get you down
Cause we`re all in this together
And they`re pushing to hard
Time to push it back
Everyday take a stand
We`re gonna make a change for the better
Sometimes the life`s so unkind
All i want is what is mine,
Starting right now
Take it from the start
Cause you know the reason
And we have got to
Pay the cost
To find what`s lost
And get back what they have borrowed
Fears yo know we all shed the tears
Time and time again cause it`s real
And though you doubt yourself
You never stop believing.

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Composição: Hyller / Palomo / Raf. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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