Foto do artista Malefactor

A God That Doesn't Lie


I fall from the top
All the ancient said
And you speak the same
Who can prove me?
Who can show me this fact?
Only blind words
The shady spectres, decayed angels
Angels like me

Am I a sinner or a god that doesn't lie?
Tell me the name: Sin or Desire?
They ever say: You're wrong or right!
But the world is a mirror of me
Where hypocrites deserve to die
Pain is the only way I know
They can't see I am coming wild

In your dreams I will be "the other"
You can't see who really I am
I am all, I am nothing
I am the dark, I am the light
An enigma. that 's what I am
Think and call me as you want

I'm silent creating the sound
All the places you know
The lips of the witches the moon and the sun
All the scattered remains
You know I am the cause
The rebel angels fall from the sky

I'm even calling you
You are calling me
Don't ask me anymore
The world is my image

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