So many times in my life
Have I tried to do it all by myself
After numerous failures I realized
That the glory is due to God
And no one else
Running to and fro
Trying to make things happen

Slow down
That's what I hear him say
But it's not until something bad happens
That turns my life upside down
Oh well
I give up Jesus
It's all in your hands now father
Do what you will with me
Have your way!

Lord, please keep me in your will
Lord, help me to be still
I just wanna be avaylable to you
I will do whatever you
You instruct me to do
I just wanna be avaylable to you
Yeah lord

Not once
Not twice
Not three times
Have I drop the ball
When all was on the line
But please believe
The last time
Was the last time
I gonna let your will be done

And not mine
Things have gotten better
The sun's a little brighter
And since I casted my cares on you
I feel a little lighter
Now I can hold my head up
Stick my chest out
Because your will
Will surely be carried out
No doubt
About it

I won't move I'll wait
I'll sit here and wait
Show me the way
Lead me in the right direction
The safest place
Is in the will of God
Patiently I'll wait

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