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They Said


Verse 1: Youve had your fun
Your time is up
Cus really baby
Ive had enough
You lie and cheat
Those devious ways
They made me hate you
And its a shame

Chorus: They said that you
Were a low down dirty dog
Shouldve known your words
Were game all along
They said you were no good
And you proved em right
Ive had enough
So Im leaving you tonight

Verse 2: I deserved better
Better than you
What I needed was
A man that was true
So Im movin on
Yeah this is goodbye
And you best to believe
Im not gonna cry


Bridge: You said you loved me
Then you let me down
When I needed you most
You werent around
You were never worth
The tears I cried
And now im leavin
Dont act surprised
You broke my heart
And that aint cool
So now youre the one
Lookin like the fool
Cus Im gone


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