The weired colored tunnel

You glide through the weired colored tunnel
Lie on fresh green grass
Flying dogs laugh friendly in your face
Your body is surrounded by cotton pads
And makes it feel warm
Drugs deadly illusion

Light as a feather you flow through the streets
Till the club of reality slashes your brain to shreds
The demon of depression creeps back into your bones
The warmth flowes into an iceberg of sickness

The shadow of your wings darkens the light of hope

The brutality of reality takes a grip in your face
The brutality of reality makes you go insane of fright
Depression and frustration
Take you deeper into the deadly illusion

The poison brings back some hope
You can think clearly
For a short period of time
Feel like everyone else
But the demon is behind you
Waiting for the moment to chush you
He pulls you into the swirl of crime
And prostitution
And leaves you hanging down more and more

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