Governmental Peripheral Contagion

Man Destroys Himself

Extramarital intercourse
Betrayal of intimacy
Romantic infidelity
Philanders of lustful secrecy
Resulted in transmitted hiv
Languidly decrepitating
Announce the birth of death
Decimate pristine families,
Depopulate modern society
With bio-engineering terrorism
No vaccine or cure
Nondemned forever more

Peripheral contagion rendering
Man made plague

Leukemia & sarcomas
Rockefeller funded
Viral genome recombination
Precursor to pandemic
Experimental hepatitis b
Combined with mycoplasma
Laboratorial military plague
Millions infected
Genocidal project statistic
Aids as the death cause

Peripherial contagion rendering
Man made plague

Whitecells dying from disease progression
Chronic diarrhea
Encephalophathy funga infections
Kaposi's sarcoma
Toxoplasmosis of the brain fall into dementia

Immunosupression colapse into
Chronic neuropathy gashing leukoencephalophaty
Peripheral fecal-oral contact
Deteriorate intointestinal abscess,
Lymphoma, paralysis, confusion, and memory loss
Vile seizure rendering the cause,
Human contagion parasite,
Llife fades meaningless damned from
Demographic laboratorial master planned

Governmental peripheral contagion
Man made plague

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