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The Way To My Heart

Mandy Moore

Your the one
You set me free
When you're close me
And all that I do
Is think about a way to make you stay with me
Baby im falling apart
'Cause you know the way to my heart

Oh baby
I knew it
The moment you looked in my eyes
My life was in your hands
You changed me
And now you say you wanna let go
Of the love we had

I just dont wanna loose you again
baby I want you to know


Oh baby if only
You could see the way that I feel about you
'Cause I need you
beside me
is there anything I can say before you walk away?



What am I gonna do
no I just cannot live
can't breath without you
(without you)
I want me back in my life
I want to set things right
'Cause you know the way to my heart

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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