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So Real (Wade Robson Remix)

Mandy Moore

Baby it's real

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, now hit it
Repeat X4

Innocence is what i've got
It'll take true love to hit the spot
Can't control my every move
When we're together we're in the groove

Don't care about your other girls
I'm the only one that rocks your world
Gonna have to keep me satisfied
'Cause my innocence won't be denied, no

Baby, it's real (Baby, baby)
So, so real (Baby, baby)
That i just can't explain the way that it's making me feel
So, so real
Baby, it's real (I just can't let you go)
Baby, oh, baby, it's real (Keeps me hanging on)
Baby, it's real

My heart is under lock and key
Together we can set it free
Ain't no mountain that we can't climb
All you gotta do is take your time

Said I'm giving you my all and all
Be careful you don't slip and fall
It's my innocence that makes you yearn
For that perfect gift you can't return, no

Repeat Chorus

Baby, you know that it's real
The way you're making me feel
You know that baby, baby, baby it's real
That I just can't explain the way that it's making me feel)
Baby, baby (You know it's making me feel)
So, so real (So, so real)

Repeat Chorus 2X

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