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Lock It Up (feat. Kehani)

Marc E. Bassy

Four in the morning, liquor pouring
You know that shit cool with me
High than whatever, pop whatever
It's gon' be what it's gon' be?
As long as you're here, as long as your down
Roll it up in your lap, put it in your mouth
I think it's time to lock it up, lock it up
I think it's time to lock it up, lock it up

Leave it all behind
Hope that I still linger in your mind
Girl you left them marks up on my spine
Yeah I think it's time
I'm your territory, you're my diamond shine
When the going get rough, you go and get tough
Put it on that line for me
Picking my fights for me
Then we go to battle in that saddle
Do it like ooh nah nah nah
You tell your friends that he don't look like Trey
But I give that thing so good, you gotta stay for it
Exhale, blow that smoke in the sky
That stand that we take is for life

I don't care about what you're saying, stop the playing
Cause you know I'm not the one for games
Don't hide your intentions, don't be scared to mention
That you want to hear me scream your name

I can take you high, I can take you low
I can speed it up, I can take it real slow
I just wanna lock it up, lock it up
Baby I'm just trying to lock it up, lock it up
Nah, nah, nah, hey

And I'm saying this one last time
And I promise this is the last time, nah
I'm not into rushing shit but can we move faster, nah
With some of that uh, uh
With some of that nah, nah
That good, good, that thug love
And my past baby, fuck it, it's whatever
Not into moving on and looking back, it just ain't clever
Nowadays I learned to never ever say I never
Cause I didn't think I'd ever move on something better
So I locked up and I threw away the key
Never want to relieve those painful memories
Just want to forget him while you all up under me
Promise to keep doing those things and make me weak

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