15 minutes

What time is it
Aw, snap, I gotta go to work
Hold up a minute

All I got is 15 minutes
And I wanna get up in it
Aint got no time to talk
Just come and break me off
Aint got no time for love
Just come and give me some
Aint got no time to talk
Just come and break me off

7:45 on the dot
Guess I'm late for work but I'm feeling kinda hot
I see you downstairs pouring juice
Flippin my eggs, but I wanna flip you
Because you're

Standing right there in your negligee (negligee)
Thinking should I hit it but damn I'm late (damn I'm late)
Maybe a quickie would make my day (ooh)
It'll make my day, it'll make my day oh oh


I think I wanna hit it again
Call my boss and tell him I won't be in
I bet he's gonna wanna know why
And I just can't tell
Him no lie

She's laying right here in her negligee (negligee)
Right now I don't care just cut my pay (cut my pay, baby)
You'd do the same if you were in my place
If you were in my place
With that pussy up in ya face


First two minutes
Girl we're gonna take our time
Break it down hit ya from behind
Next three minutes
Oh we're gonna get on the floor
Say my name and make me want some more

5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Turning on the side
Hurry up, scream it out
Let it go, girl
And when you arrive, our time is up
So scream much louder, ohhh

CHORUS (until fade)

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