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Maren Ord

I don't know the way that I will go
I don't care whether fast or slow
Just take me there
Now, anyway you can.

I don't know who I really am
I don't know how to be a man
I don't know anything at all


Don't ask me tonight

Sometimes I'll take the hand that's out
And I will never figure out
What took me there
Even when I look up high
I must always use my head
Of all the little things I've ever sadi
I don't know anything.


Somehow you came along
You lifted up my head
and then you wre gone
You're not yourself
Where have you been
I'm all alone
Your story is wearing thin tonight.

Curled up on the couch alone
Just sitting, waiting there pathetically
Hoping that you'll walk through that door
I don't see you anymore
You don't see me anymore
We don't see anyone at all

Don't ask me tonight.

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