Chun-Lynn (Chun-Li Remix)


I be lookin' like a snack
No soda on the side, so relax
When you was high you was talkin' at your neck
But now you freezin', you ain't never comin' back
Bitch, I been lit, Rican slim thick
Get some rest, hoe, yeah, you been sick
Yeah, you been pressed, I'm the princess
Nike on your jaw, get your chin chat
You must be high, Percs and Molly water
You a problem starter, I'm a problem solver
I been knockin' bitches out like I'm Ali daughter
Said your pussy on swim, you got that fish water
Mic check, bitch, I'm up next
I mean bitch, I'm up now
Scar your face Jun Tow
In the safe, hundred thou
Want to play, run your mouth
Catch a case, call Navarro
I ain't never sittin' down
I be sayin' "good dog" how I lay these bitches out
And these hoes always wonder who my bars be about
How your arm not tired when you got your hand out?
You don't really want no smoke, you just really want some clout

You mean
Wait, let me understand this
'Cause you know maybe it's me
Maybe I'm a little fucked up
But I'm funny how?
I mean, funny like I'm a clown?
I amuse you? I make you laugh?
I'm here to fuckin' amuse you?
What do you mean I'm funny?
Funny how? How am I funny?

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