heroin needles on the street
walk around but watch your feet

night clubs with shite sounds
djs earning thousands of pounds

nice girls nice ass
boys walking round with handbags

red light fat whores
h.i.v. behind every door

so this is amsterdam
red light city amsterdam
so this is amsterdam
all night city amsterdam

coffee shop cannabis haze
they all eat chips with mayonaisse

talking dutch a "vreemde taal"
then they threw my bike in the fuckin canal

crossing the road in amsterdam
i got knocked down by a yellow tram

pleasure boat see the sights
can't see a thing for red lights

souvenir shops with nothing to choose
i bought myself some wooden shoes

in the city of love and peace
i buy my hash from the parking police

pickpocket junkies stole my cash
then threw my wallet into the trash

coffee shops with a cannabis haze
people get stoned for days and days

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