Pale, woven with the threads of fear
Fade, as shards of glass
Fall from your eyes like tears
Who can wait this long
To know if they belong

The boulevard of neon stars
The rush and hiss of passing cars
The roar of laughter in the street
Sad crowds shuffle on their feet
The peeling paint of deep regret

On faces hung with cigarettes
The strays and waywards looking down
The comfort of the underground
Hide, underneath the arches from the rain

Time, has deeply cut the telling lines of age
A drink to drift away
As night time turns to day

And aspirations have all gone
And no-one knows whose side they're on
Kisses are reserved for graves
Nothing grows and no-one waves

Dark the rings around your eyes
Reveal all you have sacrificed
Half your concentration on
Your shell is there but you have gone
And time creeps slowly grinning by

Expecting you to shrink and die

But still the pulse of life is there

Pushing you on and pulling your hair

And as you dream of your escape

You carry on and seal your fate

The rain is red and you are blue

And even the lies have the ring of truth

Tomorrow never ever comes

Chained to the past by what you've done

Priests and gamblers hand in hand

And rules that no-one understands

God takes bets on whose to hell

Another lonely prize to sell

The blades of reason drip with blood

Without the challenge of if they should

And still the light is burning on

With music playing all night long

Waiters tired have left their bars

As bitter men act out their farce

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