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My sprained ankle is sore from walking on it all day
Trying to walk off the valium that I had to take
Cuz I'm a hundred pound mess, and I guess that I should leave youalone
I walk into the place that gave me horrible gas
They said you moved to new york to teach a cooking class
But I know that's just a cover up, cuz I still follow you home

Well I'm beginning to feel just like another spinning wheel
And my shield is finally growing thin
And I guess I should find another favorite place to dine
Or I'm gonna have to see you again
Don't leave the light on for me
You'll just be wasting sleep tonight

It took me 6 whole years to work off all of the weight
That I had up on my shoulders trying to be so great
Now I feel so insecure and I'm not so really sure that I should
So here's the 100 thousand dollars and the 70 cents
That should buy back all the love and all the time that youspent
Trying to make this all work, you know I feel like a jerk butit's good

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