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By The Way

Marvelous 3

Did you come back here to shoot this poison in my eye?
Do I get a last request before I have to die?
Let me smoke my cigarette before you hang me out to dry.
Just get back in your chariot and head on down the road.
Get back to the battle scars of doing what your told.
Get back to the life you lost, I'm sorry I was such a heavy load.

(by the way) I did it all for you.
(by the way) I'll scream until I'm blue.
(by the way) Get the ghost out of my head.

Did you know that I climbed up atop a shopping mall?
Did you know that I screamed to the people I was small?
So everyone, just go ahead, ignore me while I take a fall.

So take back all the words that put these lines upon my face.
Take back all the records that I borrowed from your place.
Sorry if their broken, I was carrying them when I fell from grace.

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