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Take What's Yours


Verse One: Mase

Yo, I be that young fly fellow, guy thorough
Die over dinero, hit everything in the tri-barrel
And I'm the newest member of the Bad Boy team
And I'ma bring this nigga Puff mad more C.R.E.A.M.
With hooks galore, leave this city shook for sure
And I'ma take 'em back where Biggie took 'em before
You stare ***
Since you can't stay up eith the ***
And stick to what you do best, stick to wearin' coke
You lookin' for excuses, ways to say you're broke
Can't keep a whip, cause you can't pay the note
Fuck decide, *** on top, Mercedes drop
Black 380's ***, till the day I get knocked
All I ask when I die, dress me fly and neatly
And bust my waist, so I'm handsome when the bitches greet me
Word from the wise, niggaz jerk pies, we hurt them guys
Bust lead, to skin they head and leave them circumcised
So how you wanna settle this?
Rappin' or on some ghetto shit
We can do it yo way, with mics or with metal shit

Chorus: DMX

Niggaz wanna shout, I'ma make noise
Niggaz run they mouth, I'ma break jaws
Mase is comin' out, we gon' take yours
Harlem World uptown baby, we make wars
Niggaz wanna shout, I'ma make noise
Niggaz run they mouth, I'ma break jaws
Mase is comin' out, we gon' take yours
Harlem World uptown baby, we make wars

Verse Two: Mase

Yo, yo before it's all over, lot of blood gon' be spilled
We ain't discriminatin' even thugs gon' be killed
We early inheritors ***
If a nigga get sheist then we form as a team
Bullshit if you want and it be on for this C.R.E.A.M.
The weatherman don't even know the storm I'ma bring
But yo, I'm not the man, with ***
So before you grab gats to jack, remember that
You take doe from Mase, you might as well send it back
I got thugs everywhere, where you gon' spend it at?
When clicks come to brawl, everything got hit, fall
Niggaz play sick wid y'all, but we ain't sick at all
No matter how big or small, I get rid of y'all
The shit I spit at y'all, come in one size fit all


Verse three: Mase

Yo, yo if you think I'm on some sweet shit
Then won't you creep quick, I let the heat spit
Make a nigga Jeep flip, classy criminal
Keep a gat by my genitals, thugs love me
So don't get splat for the minimal
We never vest up, be in a double breast tux
Plus keep a fresh cut, ***
I let one lose, to show you I ain't the one Duke
And I ain't puffin' off a nigga or my gun shoot
You let your gun loose, none o' 'em niggaz gun proof
Watch them niggaz drop, when I pop one in they sunroof
And we be lead bustin', leavin' niggaz head gushin'
You niggaz talkin' 'bout guns like you ***
I'll be lacin' 'em, hollow tips, I be wastin' 'em
That's what you faggots get, tryin' to fuck with Mase and 'em
Bad Boy, '97, front, there'll be none o' that
And all you cats, one in your trap, one in your cap


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Composição: Carlos 6 July Broady / Mason Betha / Nasheim Myrick / Sean Puffy Combs. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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