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All I Ever Wanted


When you look in my eyes
What do you see?
A sincere man,
Or just a bunch of G?
Why second guess,
If a brother will last?
It took a whole click
For him to juggle the ave.
With booties in Aruba
Roaches in hover crafts.
Well if Biggie love the dough,
Murda could love the cash.
Brought a Benz.
Gave a Tahoe to my better half.
If she got the Benz
Guess what mommy have?
Why dream,
Tell the waiter too much ice in the Cris.
Blink so drunk,
He think we singin nights like this.
He said when he grows up
He wants a life this.
Sleep all day plus you rock ice like this.
Got girls throw head.
I ain't even touched dice.
I ain't trust Don King.
How I'ma trust Mike?
I date more daggers
And I don't like dikes.
Need a cleaner Nina
Cause they don't bust right.
I ain't stingy.
When everybody see the plush lights.
Buy rims just for the Benz
So it look just right.
Girls love me.
Try to get the girls to love mike.
All I need is a cup of kool-Aid.
I got enough ice.


All I ever wanted was you for me
Cause that nigga who I'm wit
Don't give a fuck about me.
All I ever wanted was to be there for you
Cause that girl who you wit
Don't give a fuck about you.

-=-)VERSE 2(-=-

You unhappy and I can see it when you cry.
You look like ya life has just been minimized.
I ain't cha man. I'm ya man on the side.
You just call me when you plan to slide.
And if you ever feel like you wanna creep
All you gotta do is just give me a beep.
Only way I won't call back unless I'm sleep.
Getting my money or layin up in the piece.
We hit the block, shop a lot.
She see her man but she don't wanna drop the top.
Now you know damn well don't really mean a thang to me.
Can't no girl ever run game wit me.
You know Ma$e got a lot of places to be.
Spots in Ohio, kickin NC.
And I be wit older dudes that know the rules
So if her man pick up, I know what code to use.


-=-)VERSE 3 (-=-

If you cheat on me, I'ma cheat on you
If you don't speak of me, I won't speak of you.
I tell you now, we wait about a week or 2
Then I know what we can do.
We can just get our food and stay in
Cause people on the block is hatin'
They know ya man and know we datin'.
So what we got to do is just stay friends. Amen.
I lay back. I zone.
You say that it's on.
Then the girl try to snatch the phone.
So I know I was happy at home.
Come on.

(Repeat 5x)

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