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No Set Date

Masta Killa

[Chorus: Masta Killa]
When's the album droppin'? What's the release date?
No set date, no set date, no set date
No set date, no set date, no set date

[Masta Killa]
They said the God wasn't never comin' home
Grandma in a nursin' home, my mind is blown
I'm known to walk alone with the fam
It's deep, yeah we all love heat
Military armory, sub. machine gun
Legend of Brooklyn, master craftsman
"Lord when you droppin'?" No set date
Thought premeditated, well calculated
The air's been tested, the people can't wait
So we agreed to send one, to swim from lost to found
See truth be the light son we can't drown
Drunk with the victory, the Wu cavalry
Bomb the seminar, the last "hoo-ra" for chivalry
Classic, Yo-Yo Ma, laced in a bulletproof fabric
Crafted and mastered in space
What better place of birth than the Earth
A star is born but the path is narrow
Flown across the Verrazano, stack ya ammo
Timid while we got the muscle, in the streets we hustle
For survival, what the God reign, build me a brain
Support it with a physical frame, superior Asiatic material
Distract the serial, smoke him, we gonna need a miracle
Prepare for burial, it's time, .45 to your head, drop your nine
We came to collect, the debt was overdue yo
Set to connect with Deck, we pushin' through
Jet with the red Corvette from Lafayette
Pussy stay wet and she hold Tec
Respect to the six, she sexy wit a switch
Gun never stick when 'victions for the brick
Shots lick

[Chorus 2X]

[Masta Killa]
This is no set date
Peace, I'm Jamel Arief, pleasure to meet you
Not to affend you, supper for the mental
Straight from the Shaolin Temple, so simple
Ain't enough ate for the thoughts I think
They travel so rapid it's hard to grasp it
No assumption, Kay Slay get the shit thumpin'
Darts stay lethal, blaze one for the people
They travelled so far to witness
The killin' of a mastermind line-for-line
Half-time, center stage, 50 yard line
Long time man for dead
Should've been, put one in his head
Before the poison spread to the body
Party done, 'nough said... {*echoes*}

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