Stand up Legion
Let him fill your punctured heart
Sathanas cor tuum

The beast awaits
Coming out of the sea
The bottomless pit

He lurks in the shadows
He hides in man
He hides in the shadows
He lurks in man

Smoldering beneath the surface
Prophecy fulfilled

Cruelty and wickedness
Man is wolf to man
Woe unto him
Woe unto me
Aeon Daemonium
Woe unto him
Aeon Daemonium
Woe unto me

Aeon Daemonium

Distressed screams from below
Hollow souls racking death
Planet black, God is dead
Rape the angels to their death

Aeon Daemonium

The Promethean flame will lead the way
Let the darkness take your soul
Feel the flame bursting
Suffer beyond the abyss

Rapturous killing of a holy man
Divine torture of God
Let the angels burn

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