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She’s Soft And Wet

MC Hammer

Soft and wet
Soft and wet (that's how we like 'em)
Soft and wet (yo, baby, come here)
Yo, baby, tell me what's your name
They call me hammer and I'm rows from the game
I see your face, it stands out from the crowd
Move a little bit closer, let me be your style
I'm crazy, baby, I'm crazy about your love

Let me tell about myself
Now, I'm a little bit different than the average joe
I like my girls and then a little bit more
Excuse me, girl, I don't mean no disrespect
But tell me, girl, are you soft and wet?
Crazy, baby, I'm crazy about your love
I'm gonna tell you I know how I like 'em

(I like 'em) soft and wet
(I like 'em) soft and wet
Check it out!

You say you want me? Well, I want you, too
You say you need me, girl? Then I need you
You say you love me? Well, I love you, too
But there's a few things that we got to do
I'm crazy, baby, I'm crazy about your love
How we like 'em, homeboys?

Soft and wet
(I told you we like 'em) soft and wet
Let me explain myself again

Soft and wet
(How we like 'em in the front?) soft and wet
(My homeboys in the back, how you like 'em?) soft and wet
(Pump it up, pump it up, pump it up) soft and wet
Soft is the feeling of your baby-smooth skin
Wet is the feeling that says, let the hammer in
Soft and sexy, you got it that way
Wet is what happens when we both start to play

Good she is, I should know
Hype - the feeling when my ninja starts to grow
I feel the thrill of the spin at the wheel
I hit the lottery when she says, I will
Crazy, baby, I'm just crazy about your love
You know what I'm saying?
Let me tell you, baby, I love it when you're just

Soft and wet
(That's how I like 'em) soft and wet
(I know all the homeboys like 'em like that) soft and wet
(Pump it up, a little louder now) soft and wet
Yo, band, break it down! Hit me!
Get wet, baby!

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