My girlfriend hates you but i love your stuff.
I listen to it all the time, i can't get enough.
I dig your first cd (your debut),
And "society of people named elihu."
And "making love" is fresh, this much is true,
But "redefining music" is funky and new.
And so i crank it up, turn it up,
And pump up the bass.
The package's synth lines are up in my face.
I listen to it when i drive any place.
Up yours to anyone who says i've got bad taste!
Atom's music rocks, with nerdy soul.
His new-wave-synth-punk is never dull.

Atom, you're awesome.

I had a dream
When i was in grade school
That rob halford, he kissed me, see fool.
And i was welcomed to the family with connor,
It was undercover funny just like a longer
Keyboard that enya played.
So i pumped iron and i got paid
When i owned the redskins
With the ghetto boys,
Breaking down the walls with kilogram toys.
And we sang to madonna, all night long,
I opened up my heart, i opened it strong
To tim allen, who's not that funny,
In philadelphia where i made lots of money
As a goalie, sixteen-hundred pounds.
Chillling on the ice rink so profound,
Upside down from here on the map,
Sick of people who give me crap.
So i put them on an island in the middle of the sea,
And it was just atom, atom and me.

Repeat chorus

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