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He's Calling You

Donnie Mcclurkin

He's calling you, He's calling you
What are you going to do?
Your time has come for life brand new
He is calling, He is calling

(Verse 1)
There's a voice deep inside
You hear it and you cannot hide
Seems like after all you've tried
You've never satisfied
You softly heard Him call and say
Promised that you'd change some day
Even if you run away, you still can't deny
Something's going on and it's real
Somehow deep inside you can feel


(Verse 2)
Remember when you said before
That you needed something more
Now it's time to realize
He's knocking at your door
Things that you used to do
Somehow don't appeal to you
Why would you deny that you
Don't want then anymore?
Listen to you heart and to your soul
And don't be afraid anymore

Yes, yes, yes......oh yes

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